We are Maxx's Munchery Oven Baked Pet Treats!

Locally Sourced and Made In Wisconsin! 

Family & Women Owned and operated by an awesome mom & daughter duo! 

All treats are 100% handmade by us from scratch, with Organic ingredients in our own kitchen.

We take pride in making sure the ingredients we use are high quality and locally sourced. 

Our treats are made to order, slowly oven baked in small batches. 

 and  fully dehydrated meaning, NO harmful preservatives!

We do NOT use salt, sugar, corn, harmful oils,

harmful ingredients, by-products,

additives, or fillers. 

 You can pronounce every single ingredient we use, no big fancy chemical words here!

Our treat packaging is environment friendly by it being made with recycled material and it is


We founded Maxx's Munchery, LLC in February 2019 with a passion to create yummy, organic and healthy dog treats to honor the memory of our beloved, Maxx.

Maxx was our awesome family pup and he warmed our hearts for 9 amazing years, until he passed in 2009. 


There's no doubt that dogs are family, and here at Maxx's Munchery, we believe your pups deserve the best treats and cakes, which is exactly what we bake for them!   

So many pups and pup parents love our treats, check out our store and find out for yourself!

We guarantee you will not regret it!


Amber & Barb

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In Loving Memory