Maxx's Story

Our beloved Maxx was a beautiful Border Collie/ Australian Shepherd mix. His beautiful soul and comical personality always made our home warm and happy. 


In 2003, Maxx was intentionally poisoned by a neighbor and his immune system had been compromised. After rushing his almost lifeless body to the ER, the hospital veterinarian said that there was no hope for our Maxx. He was dying. The hospital staff encouraged us to say our goodbyes because he was not expected to make it through the night. My mother leaned into his cage at the hospital, kissing him and telling him how much we loved him and to hold on. The next morning we received a call, from the Veterinarian, informing us that miraculously Maxx's white blood cells had dramatically increased over night. He was stable but still had a long road to recovery. Although he survived through the night, the Veterinarian gave him 6 weeks to live. 


We brought him home, with his many medications, and gave him our love, care and nurturing.  Due to his compromised immune system, Maxx was in and out of veterinary hospitals up until his last days. We had to be very careful what type of diet he was on. This included giving him a limited ingredient diet.


After 6 years of fighting, Maxx passed away peacefully in our home on October 26th, 2009, just days from his 9th birthday. 


After Maxx passed, we wanted to put our love and passion into something to honor him. Something amazing that we would enjoy and, with hope to benefit the quality of life for other dogs. Now at Maxx's Munchery we strive to bake healthy, wholesome, high quality dog treats.

Our Maxx is remembered and missed every single day. 

We dedicate Maxx's Munchery Oven Baked Pet Treats to him and all the love, laughs, and unconditional love he gave us. 

In Loving Memory


Maxx In Snow